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In 1963, football fans from Veržej founded a football section at the then TVD Partizan association as a recreational sports team, which quickly grew into a competitive team.

Today, over 150 football players in various age categories compete in the association.

Selections that take part in the competitions of the Ministry of the Interior M.Sobota:

– younger cicibans U-7

– younger cicibans U-9

– older cicibans U-11

– U-13 younger boys

– The selection of older boys U-15 plays in the 1st National League East.

– Cadets and juniors in the 2nd SKL / SML East.

The work of the junior selections is professionally led by the head of the youth program and coordinated by the secretary of the association. The goals and methods of work are written in the youth program.

The member team plays in the Pomurje League.

It follows from the above that the association pays a lot of attention to all age categories. The realization of the plans is taken care of by over twenty members of the technical staff, who contribute to the successful operation of the club through their voluntary work.

The association systematically trains its own professional staff through seminars for coaches. Currently, there are two coaches with a PRO license, 1 coach with an A license, 2 coaches with a B license and 2 coaches with a C license at ŠD NK Veržej.

We in the association pay the most attention to the younger selections whose successes are a mirror of the work in the association. The club’s policy is based on the education of its own staff. We work very well with the surrounding clubs.

The covered prefabricated grandstand for 400 spectators took care of the comfort of the spectators.

Basic information about the club

Name: Športno društvo NK Veržej

Location: Mlinska cesta 23, Veržej, 9241 Veržej, Slovenia

President: Simon Rajh

Coordinator: Jožek Špilak, prof

Phone: 00386 31 070 677


OID: E10269099

Municipality of Veržej

Today, Veržej is an independent municipality with 1,400 inhabitants and consists of the villages of Veržej, Banovci and Bunčani. Its area is 12 km2. Citizens pay special attention to ecology, as Banovci and Veržej have arranged a sewage treatment plant and sewerage, arranged garbage collection. We are also very dedicated to strong social activities in the field of firefighting, culture, sports and tourism. May is a narcissus holiday and also a municipal holiday, so many events take place during these months, such as the Miss Narcissus pageant, the Narcissus Cup competition, theater plays, and the summer music school during the main school holidays. Verženec is special among the Prleks. There are a number of humorous stories about the former “town”, a market town. Although they have fish in their coat of arms, they are credited with cuckooing at village celebrations. Neighbors also tease them with a pumpkin (pumpkin), which they once rode along the Mura, and a bull, which they dragged to the church bell tower.