Football tournament NK Veržej 2023

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About NK Veržej

In 1963, football fans from Verže, Slovenia, founded a football section at the then association TVD Partizan as a recreational sports team, which quickly grew into a competitive team.

Today, over 150 footballers in various age categories compete in the club.
Selections that perform within the framework of the MNZ M.Sobota competitions:
– junior U-7 soccer players
– junior U-9 tsicibans
– senior U-11 soccer players
– younger boys U-13
– The selection of senior boys U-15 plays in the 1st National League East.
– Cadets and juniors in the 2nd SKL/SML east.
The work of the younger selections is professionally managed by the head of the youth program and coordinated by the secretary of the association. The goals and methods of work are written down in the youth program.
The member team competes in the Pomurska League.
It follows from the above that in the association we pay a lot of attention to all age categories. More than twenty members of the technical staff take care of the realization of the plans, who contribute to the successful operation of the club with their voluntary work.
In the association, we train our own professional staff on a planned basis, through seminars for coaches. Currently, ŠD NK Veržej has two coaches with a PRO license, 1 coach with an A license, 2 coaches with a B license and 2 coaches with a C license.
We pay the most attention in the association to younger selections whose successes are a reflection of the work in the association. The policy of the club is based on the education of its own personnel. We cooperate very well with the surrounding clubs.
A covered assembly stand for 400 spectators ensured the comfort of the spectators.